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Payne's Dairies Ltd, based in Yorkshire, operates throughout the whole of the UK providing raw and processed milk and cream to numerous wholesalers, manufacturing companies, catering and retail outlets. They produce milk and cream to the highest of standards and are acredited by numerous blue chip companies as well as having BRC standard Higher Level for the last 3 years.

Charles Payne, Managing Director of the company is centred at the new depot in Boroughbridge, NorthYorkshire. Charles first developed a dairy in Ripon in 1972 with his father (Brian Payne) where they farmed 150 acres with 100 cows and bottled 100 litres of milk per day for their milk round. In 1995, following the de-regulisation of the Milk Marketing Board, Charles decided to move one step forward and start collecting milk direct from the farmers enabling him to further expand the retail side of the business.

Originally there were 20 farms supplying the milk and 2 tankers for collecting, this steadily increased over the years to 85 farms and a fleet of 7 collecting tankers, 6 artics and 14 trailers to deliver in excess of 260,000 litres of raw and processed milk daily. The Company then acquired the site at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire where they moved the processing/bottling side of the business to.

Now, in 2009, Paynes Dairies collect between 140 to 150 million litres of milk from 121 farms using 9 tankers, 8 artics and 20 trailers. They deliver, on average, 480,000 litres per day of raw and processed milk using a 60 strong fleet of 26 and 18 ton vehicles delivering to the retail and food services.

When they started off they were bottling Green Top milk (now a discontinued product) Payne's Dairies now produce pasteurised Whole Milk, Semi-skimmed Milk, Skimmed Milk, Double, Whipping and Single Cream, all of which come in a variety of sizes and packaging.

In Yorkshire alone, Payne's Dairies has over 600 customers in the catering and retail trade and they supply raw milk to dairies from Scotland to London. The Company is rapidly expanding but this does not mean that they cannot still deliver the personal touch that is needed in this business to keep customers and producers satisfied.

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