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Milk Facts



The UK is the 7th largest milk producer in the world and the 3rd largest in Europe. It accounts for approximately 12.5% of the cows milk collected from farms in the EU. In 1999/2000 the UK produced 14.1 billion litres of milk and in 2000/2001 it produced 13.9 billion litres.


This country is basically self-sufficient in milk producing 95% of it's requirements. It also participates in a significant trade in milk products.



UK Production
UK Export
UK Import
141,000 tonnes
43,000 tonnes
118,000 tonnes
368,000 tonnes
61,000 tonnes
272,000 tonnes
272,000 tonnes
95,000 tonnes
Milk Powder
204,000 tonnes
132,000 tonnes


The price that milk purchasers pay to producers is not within the Governments control, it is a commercial matter for negotiation between the parties concerned.


Milk is tasty, satisfying and nourishing, we would be lost without it in the kitchen, if you stop and think for a minute of the things that wouldn't quite taste the same without milk the list would be endless:- Yorkshire Puddings, Rice Pudding, Chocolate, Pizza, Lasagna and Custard to name but a few.



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